City Tours

Downtown Estes Park: Downtown Estes Park is rich in historical significance. If you want to take a guided tour downtown, I can provide so much more depth to your trip. A trip downtown by itself can be fairly short, so it is many times requested to be included in longer tours where we drive into Rocky Mountain National Park. With the Stanley Hotel right in the area, it is also very easy to add a stop downtown when we visit the hotel.

Brew Tours: Sometimes its nice to just sit down and discuss the history of Estes over a pint. With several breweries, winery, distillery options, it can be fun to just leave the driving to me while I show you some of the favorite local places to enjoy an adult beverage. Adding a stop or two to the end of one of my tours is a great way to finish off a tour. We can recap what we experienced and I can share some additional tidbits that we didn’t get a chance to discuss earlier.