Snowshoeing is very popular and a lot of fun. It allows us to view the winter scenery while enjoying the wilderness. This is a strenuous activity and these trips are usually shorter in length. If you are in good physical condition, we can lengthen the tour.

This tour is usually combined with a driving tour so that you get the most of the winter experience. Adding snowshoeing to a tour allows you to get the best of both tours.

Rental equipment is not included in the fee and waivers are required. I can help reserve the equipment and make sure everything is ready so that we don’t spend too much time in preparation. We’d rather spend our time outside on the snowshoes!

This is a beginner to intermediate tour. Due to the strenuous nature of snowshoeing, no children under the age of 12 are allowed on this tour. Hourly rates apply but there is an additional cost for snowshoe rentals. Approx. $5 plus tax per person.

Lake Estes Trail