Spring Tours

Driving: Spring in Estes is so beautiful. Flowers are in bloom while the mountains show off their snow. Mornings are cool (or outright cold) and then the day gradually warms nicely. Spending your time on a driving tour allows you to view so many wonderful things. We can visit areas where you see signs of spring everywhere and areas where you would think it was still the middle of winter…all in one day and on one tour. Spring driving tours can be any length of time. Because we tour by car, we can start and end whenever you like. Visiting areas in and around Rocky Mountain Park give you a true appreciation for the entire area and don’t forget that all tours stop at the historic Stanley Hotel.

Hiking: Hiking in the spring depends a lot on the weather. Early spring could see tremendous amounts of snow still in the area, but later in the spring could lead to some breathtaking scenery. As with all hikes, it is recommended we start early so we can finish early. Yes, it will be cold when we start, but it is important to get down from the trails before the weather decides to bring in a spring storm. My hiking tours are typically shorter in duration and not quite as vigorous so they are great for everyone.

Combo: Spending a little time in the car and a little time exploring on foot is always a favorite. We can see and experience so much with this type of tour. Your tour can include as much or as little “hiking” as you like. Some want to stop and stroll in many places and some want to drive less and hike more…it’s all up to you. These tours can be any length and can start and stop based on your schedule. If you are looking for more hiking experience, I do suggest we start earlier than later.