Sunset tours in Estes can be flat our spectacular.


Driving: Sunset tours in Estes can be flat out spectacular. Driving tours allow us to find the ideal viewing spot at any number of places. Sticking close to the car also allows us to view many things regardless of the weather (which in the afternoon can be questionable and change in a hurry).

As dusk settles in, the opportunity to view wildlife increases. This is a great time to view animals so if that is your main objective, just let me know. Sometimes adding a little ‘hiking’ to these tours allows us to see more wildlife. These tours are typically shorter as people have already had long days, but they can be combined with other tours to make a day of it if you wish.

Hiking: Hiking in the afternoon/evening can be a little risky. Weather can change quickly and we don’t want to be on the mountain when a storm moves in. If you are looking for a great hike, I would strongly recommend booking an earlier tour.

Combo: For those looking to experience a little outdoor “hike”, but not wanting to stray too far away from the safety of our car, a combo tour is a great option. We can find short walks if the weather is nice and just work towards sunset. These tours are popular, but please understand it is weather dependent and may turn into a driving tour if the weather is not cooperating. Sunset tours can start as early in the day as you like and last as long as you wish.