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My tours are offered all year round to best fit your schedule and interests.





Driving: Sunrise tours are designed specifically to start before sunrise. Dawn is a good time for wildlife viewing. While staying in the car does limit some of the opportunities to see wildlife you would more likely see out walking around, it does offer the ability to cover a lot of ground in pristine conditions as the majority of people and traffic are not out yet.

We can go to view the sunrise from any number of unbelievable viewing points. We can go into Rocky Mountain National park for some incredible viewing options, or we can find other gems outside the park. Make sure to bring your camera and warm clothing as we do step out of the car to give you the perfect opportunity to capture the rising sun as it comes up over the mountains.

Typically, driving sunrise tours are shorter. We get up early to get to the perfect spot in plenty of time and then we take our time finding our way home. Plan on at least two hours. If you are up for a longer adventure, we can find a great breakfast place and then add a couple more hours onto the trip and enjoy the cool morning in the mountains.

Hiking: Hiking experts all agree on one thing…start early. Due to rapidly changing weather patterns in the afternoon, it is important to get up and get going early. Hitting the trail at dawn is a great opportunity to enjoy the sun rising up over the area. It will be very chilly in the spring so it is important to have proper warm clothing if you want to book this type of experience.

As you would expect, there are a wide variety of hiking options. We can take a leisurely stroll around a lake or we can find a challenging trail that changes altitude significantly. It is important that you know your skill level and how much exercise your body can take. Hiking at this altitude is a challenge for those in the best of shape so please book your hikes accordingly.

Combo: Most people enjoy a little variety and that is what this tour provides. We start out early driving to a trailhead and then exploring the area by foot. This is a nice opportunity to view wildlife. It will be chilly (or downright cold) in the early spring or winter so plan your clothing accordingly. Dressing in layers is most recommended.

Taking several different, shorter hikes in different areas is very popular as people get to experience a wider variety of the park. We can drive to multiple spots depending on your interest and take in as much as we can. These tours can run any length of time.



Beautiful sunset sky over Lily Lake - Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado

Beautiful sunset sky over Lily Lake – Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado


Driving: Sunsets in this area can be flat out spectacular. Driving tours allow us to find the ideal viewing spot at any number of places. Sticking close to the car also allows us to view many things regardless of the weather (which in the afternoon can be questionable and change in a hurry).

As dusk settles in, the wildlife tends to come back out. This is a great time to view animals so if that is your main objective, just let me know so I can make sure we try to accomplish that goal.

These tours are typically shorter as people have already had long days, but they can be combined with other tours to make a day of it if you wish.

Hiking: Hiking in the afternoon/evening can be a little risky. Weather can change quickly and we don’t want to be on the mountain when a storm moves in. if you are looking for a great hike, I would strongly recommend booking an earlier tour.

Combo: For those looking to experience a little outdoor “hike”, but not wanting to stray too far away from the safety of our car, a combo tour is a great option. We can find short walks if the weather is nice and just work towards sunset.

These tours are popular, but please understand it is weather dependent and may turn into a driving tour if the weather is not cooperating. Sunset tours can start as early as you want, but we will get home after dark so it is usually a shorter trip.


stock-photo-ready-to-fight-two-strong-mature-bull-elks-have-their-antlers-rubbing-against-each-other-and-are-380746900SPRING TOURS

Driving: Spring in this area is so beautiful. Flowers are in bloom while the mountains show off their snow. Mornings are cool (or outright cold) and then the day gradually warms nicely. Spending your time on a driving tour allows you to view so many wonderful things. We can visit areas where you see signs of spring everywhere and areas where you would think it was still the middle of winter…all in one day and on one tour.

Spring driving tours can be any length of time. Because we tour by car, we can start and end whenever you like. Visiting areas in and around Rocky Mountain Park give you a true appreciation for the entire area so I recommend spending at least four hours.

Hiking: Hiking in the spring depends a lot on the weather. Early spring could see tremendous amounts of snow still in the area, but later in the spring could lead to some breathtaking scenery.

As with all hikes, it is recommended we start early so we can finish early. Yes, it will be cold when we start, but it is important to get down from the trails before the weather decides to bring in a spring storm.

Combo: Spending a little time in the car and a little time exploring on foot is always a favorite. We can see and experience so much with this type of tour. Your tour can include as much or as little “hiking” as you like. Some want to stop and stroll in many places and some want to drive less and hike more…it’s all up to you.

These tours can be any length and can start and stop based on your schedule. If you are looking for more of a hiking experience, I do suggest we start earlier than later.


While fish do bite year-round, early spring fishing is not quite as successful as late spring. With so many fishing options in and around Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Pak, it can be a fisherman’s haven. It can be busy between May and September so I always suggest we hit the waters early to beat the other anglers.

Licenses are required for those over 16, but can be purchased easily at a number of places. Whether you are a fly fisherman, a bait fisherman, or a spin caster, I can help you find the ideal spot to drop a line.



long's peak as seen from emerald lake trail while snowshoeing in rocky mountain national park, colorado

long’s peak as seen from emerald lake trail while snowshoeing in rocky mountain national park, colorado