Sunset Tours of Estes ParkSUNRISE TOURS

Driving: Sunrise tours are designed specifically to start before sunrise. Dawn is a good time for wildlife viewing. While staying in the car does limit some of the opportunities to see wildlife you would more likely see out walking around, it does offer the ability to cover a lot of ground in pristine conditions. We can go to view the sunrise from any number of unbelievable points. Typically, driving sunrise tours are shorter. We get up early to get to the perfect spot in plenty of time and then we take our time finding our way home. If you are up for a longer adventure, we can find a great breakfast place and then add a couple more hours onto the trip and enjoy the cool morning in the mountains.

Hiking: Hiking experts all agree on one thing…start early. Due to rapidly changing weather patterns in the afternoon, it is important to get up and get going early. Hitting the trail at dawn is a great opportunity to enjoy the sun rising over the area. It will be very chilly so dressing in layers is important. As you would expect, there are a wide variety of hiking options. My hiking tours are mostly on the shorter side and less vigorous since most people are not accustomed to hiking at this altitude.

Combo: Most people enjoy a little variety and that is what this tour provides. We start out early driving to a trailhead and then exploring the area by foot. This is a nice opportunity to view wildlife. Taking several different, shorter hikes in different areas is very popular as people get to experience a wider variety of the Estes Valley and Rocky Mountain National Park. We can drive to multiple spots depending on your interest and take in as much as we can. These tours can run any length of time.